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Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Farmland at Kiserian

After months of searching, we decided to purchase 11 acres of land about 25 miles from Nairobi so that we could plant crops to help feed the children of the Academy. The land is in a tiny rural community known as Embolei, just a few miles from the small town of Kiserian. Embolei is only accessed by a challenging track about 5 miles from the nearest tarmac. In the rainy season that becomes very tricky, but a 4x4 vehicle can normally get through. Currently we have to borrow a suitable vehicle but hope eventually to purchase our own.

By September 2017 the farm purchase was complete and a 2 km perimeter fence constructed around it. Thorn Apple trees (Kayaba or Kei Apple locally) were planted along its perimeter to make it a living fence. A home for our Caretaker, Joseph, was constructed, as was a pit latrine (complete with a basic shower for a time when water becomes available) and a secure barn for the new tractor. Joseph's home is a few miles away, so to enable him to see his family each week we purchased a new motorbike which has made life much easier for him and his family. It is hoped than one day his family will be able to join him on the farm.

Water on the farm

In the summer of 2016, School Farms Africa, together with its partner organisation, School Farms Kenya, set about looking for water on the land. Several nearby 'Shambas' (small farms) had successfully drilled for water, so we were confident we would be successful too. Regrettably, after two deep boreholes had been dug, we found no water. After another hydro-geological survey was carried out, we believe we may have found a better site, but it means purchasing a small extra piece of land a few hundred metres away.

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