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Water at Kibera Academy

The water supply to Kibera Academy has always been a problem. A few years ago, a pipe bringing water from the nearest reservoir was provided, but the water was very polluted. By 2016 some of that pipe had been stolen and inevitably, the supply dried up.The only way to get water after that was to carry it from the polluted reservoir on the edge of the slum.

In 2016 School Farms Africa commissioned a survey to see if underground water could be available on the Academy site and eventually drilled to 220 metres where a plentiful supply of clean water was found - enough to fill a 10,000 litre tank daily. The water was subsequently tested and found to contain above the World Health Organisation recommended levels of dissolved fluorides. A reverse osmosis plant was then installed and generously paid for by Forest Methodist Church in Guernsey, to remove the excess salts.

Today, all children and their families have a plentiful supply of good clean water. All they have to do is bring their containers to school each day.

New Kitchen and Food Store

As the bore hole was being drilled, workmen were constructing a new kitchen with

stainless steel fittings and piped fresh water together with a dry and secure food

store above. The borehole and kitchen were formally handed over to the Academy

in September 2016.

The borehole, kitchen and food store were constructed thanks to the generous

support of the Guernsey Overseas Aid and Development Commission which

gave a grant of £40,000 to do this work.

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