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Our Team

We have two teams responsible for the work with the farm and the academy in Kibera. 

School Farms Africa, LBG is Registered in Guernsey in the British Channel Islands

School Farms Kenya, LBG is Registered in Kenya

The Guernsey team is largely responsible for raising funds and overseeing the work in Kenya.

The Guernsey team currently has five Directors:

  • Ellie Gallienne

  • Lex Stephens

  • Helen Morrissey

  • Gerry Morrissey

  • Peter Sarl 

Peter Sarl acts as liaison between the two teams and attends Board meetings in each country as often as he can.

The Kenyan team is responsible for adminstering the projects and ensuring locally good practice.

The Kenyan team currently has six directors:

  • Dr Caroline Ayuya Muaka

  • Rev Joshua Bokarani

  • Rev Elly Kisala

  • Andrew Sava

  • Peter Sarl

Team Talk
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