News Update

This page brings you the most up-to-date news about the Kibera Farm Project

New classrooms and toilets completed October 2019

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This two-storey building consists of:


  • two new classrooms;

  • a large ground-floor space for recreation, assemblies and meetings;

  • offices for the head teacher and School Farms Kenya staffs;

  • a space for counselling that may also be used as a clinic and ... 

  • new flushing toilets! Incredibly we discovered a main sewer that ran past the school into which we have been granted access. We believe we are the only establishment to have a mains connection in the whole of the slum. The main sewer connects two areas of Nairobi and was not intended for the slum dwellers. For a small connection fee we were given permission by the local authorities.

Inside one of the new classrooms

The opening day 11 October 2019. Gerry and Peter found something funny!

A Drone's-Eye view of the playground during the opening ceremony.

Watch the video!

(... and you can even see the ripples as the water comes from the borehole into the tank)!

Dam and Reservoir at our Kiserian Farm - October 2019

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Concrete dam base construction

begins July 2019

Excavating the 'pan' - August 2019

Gabions installed to filter silt

Filling the dam during the autumn rains - October 2019

The reservoir is full but we have bank damage following a sudden torrent.

It holds 7 million litres of water (7,000 tonnes)!

A Drone's-Eye view of

the newly-constructed 'pan' reservoir and dam.

Watch the video here!


The spillway (overflow) was damaged during a recent downpour as it had not been quite completed and was vulnerable.


Work is now well underway to repair and reinforce the spillway. Further bank reinforcements may be necessary over time to prevent further erosion.


The partially repaired spillway. Work should be completed by the end of October 2019

The reservoir looking towards the dam after repairs

Thanks to the amazing generosity of a Scottish Charity, Smalls for All we have been able to provide our 150 girls with new pants! Most of our children struggle with basic clothing and underwear is normally a luxury. This is particularly important to our adolescent girls who may miss out several school days every month. In the next few weeks we will also start a programme of supplying sanitary protection to these girls and we look forward to seeing improved attendance thereafter. 


In October, we were able to take 500 pairs so every girl received a pack of three pairs. Smalls for All relies upon the generosity of individuals who purchase new underwear from suppliers and then donate to that Charity.


We anticipate taking a further 1000 pairs next spring and hope this time that we do not get questioned by Border Agency staff at Nairobi Airport! 'Sir. Can you explain why you have 500 pairs of girls pants in your suitcase...?'  Yes. That really did happen!

Packing the pants in gift bags the day before we left for Kenya

Two days later the faces say everything...!


We were also able to provide pencils and rubbers for every child and shoes for the staff thanks to generous gifts to School Farms Africa.

Please do consider supporting Smalls for All. That Charity has transformed the lives of thousands of poor children, particularly in African slums.