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This page brings you the most up-to-date news about the Kibera Farm Project

New classrooms and toilet block - almost complete (updated July 2019)

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First floor classrooms almost finished - partitions to be constructed during July 2019

Dam and Reservoir Project at Kiserian Farm - (updated July 2019)

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Work on the dam and reservoir started in June 2019. By the end of June, some of the reservoir excavation had begun and the base of the dam constructed. The dam itself, which is made of concrete and stone, is scheduled for completion mid July after which the remaining work to excavate 10,000 cubic metres of soil will continue.

Following that, the tower and water storage tank will be constructed on the higher ground and linked with the reservoir with pipes fed by solar-powered pumps. Work is expected to be completed by the end of August 2019.

SASOL staff surveyed the river bed in March 2019

Ballast brought to site June 2019

Exciting times for local children!

Marking out the dam location

Excavation began in June 2019. A tower will be constructed on the higher ground in the distance so that irrigation can be done using gravity. The dam will be completed by mid-July. The whole project is expected to be completed later in the summer.