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 Welcome to the Kibera Farm Project


We are a non-denominational charity which works in the Nairobi slum of Kibera. We are based on the island of Guernsey, a British Channel Island


Our goals since we were established in 2013 


To purchase and manage a farm for the benefit of the Kibera Free Methodist Academy


To help promote healthy living with a view to creating a clinic at the academy for the use of its pupils and families


To develop the academy grounds to include a safe water supply, sanitary toilet areas and further classrooms


To provide training opportunities in land management for adults and children

What we have already achieved

Below are some of the highlights of our work so far. To read about our projects in more detail, click on the "News" tab at the top of this webpage

Primary Needs at the Academy

In 2016 a borehole and water tower were constructed to provide water for the families associated with the Academy. A kitchen and food store were also built in anticipation of food supplied by our farm in Kiserian.

Vegetable Farm

We Bought our Farm!

In 2017 we purchased 11 acres of land, 25 miles from Nairobi so that we could plant crops to help feed the children of the Academy. Since then we have bought a tractor, trailer, disc harrows and set up a secure barn.

Farm Caretaker 

During the winter of 2017 we constructed a home for our local Caretaker, Joseph, as well as a pit latrine (complete with a basic shower for a time when water becomes available). We also purchased a new motorbike to make it easier for him to visit his family.

Tobacco Farmer
Holding Plant



In the Spring of 2018 Joseph planted a living fence using Kei Apple trees around the perimeter of the farm.


Water Storage at the Farm

In 2019 we constructed a new dam and reservoir using a seasonal river bed that runs through the farm. A tower and water storage tank were later constructed to store the water.

IMG_8262 2.JPG

Developments at the Academy

During 2019 enhancements were made at the academy to include two new classrooms, a large ground floor space for recreation/assemblies, offices, a counselling/clinic space and flushing toilets.

Smalls for All

In October 2019, thanks to the amazing generosity of a Scottish Charity, Smalls for All, we were able to provide our 150 girls at the academy with new underwear. We then started a programme to supply sanitary protection to these girls and we hope to see improved attendance.


Covid Relief Work

During 2020 hundreds of food parcels were given to the families associated with the Kibera Academy thanks to the generosity of the friends of Kibera Farm Project and the Guernsey Overseas Aid Commission.

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